At wholesale.pk we strive hard to get you the finest condition of original brands. We don’t sell Fake Copies or Replicas. Getting you the best quality takes a lot of effort that we want you to appreciate:


We find these gems from around the world in large quantities so you get a wide range of colours, designs and sizes at incredibly low prices. We import the products from UK, USA, Europe, and Japan

*Quality Control*

After importing the products, we spend hours rigorously selecting only high-quality merchandise. Our quality assurance team looks at each product carefully and approves only non-defected products with zero-tolerance for fake copies/replicas. So when you order your favourite pair of Adidas Sneakers, or Marks and Spencer shirt, or Under Armour Cap, it will be as good as new


After a rigorous quality check, all products are washed/dry-cleaned and steam pressed. We make sure all our products look and feel as FRESH as brand new. So when you order your favourite product, it’s ready to wear or use!


All electronics are tested before shipping to you. So if you order an original Apple Charger, or a Kenwood Food Factory, or a Remington Straightner, rest assured it’s working and we have tested it at our lab.


Since quality is our main focus, we believe we should give you the best understanding of the product condition before you buy it. So we sort all the products according to our Condition Guide and mention the product condition. We ensure that we take into account even a small scratch during our condition assessment so you know exactly what you are ordering. Our pricing is based on the condition so if you want to buy a 9.5/10 product it will be more expensive than a 9.0/10 but cheaper than 10/10 product.

So you pay for the condition you get

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